Friday, October 11, 2019

Halloween Crazy...already?!

OK.  I admit it.  I go a little Halloween crazy.  It's just too fun not to with Kinders around!  

What a perfect time of year to study the body.  This week was BONES!  Enter: Mr. Bones, our resident skeleton.  Then we made our own little skeletons!  It is priceless to see kids discover what they look like inside.

The kids earned a party, so we had a Spookley the Square Pumpkin party, and made square pumpkin faces for treats!

We also worked on shape pumpkins to practice our shapes, and then described them in writing to practice adjectives!  Did you know "unicorny" was an adjective?  It is now!

We had our first Book Buddies get-together this week.  They will be monthly from now on.  Of course... the theme was Halloween!  We read a Halloween story, then went to the library where the kinders got to pick out books for their Buddies to read to them.  Afterwards we went back into our classroom where the Big Buddies helped the Little Buddies make Pumpkin word family slider games!  

And then, of course, what is more fun than making an edible spider?!  We love our Book Buddies already!  I see the kids saying hi in the halls and playing together on the playground... I am so thankful for Big Buddies who take time to be a friend to a little Kinder. 💕

Last week on our greenhouse tour Ms. Bonnie Emery mentioned she had some cilantro and tomatoes that needed to be picked.  Enter: SALSA!  We gladly returned Monday morning with buckets in hand to harvest our ingredients!  

Then on Tuesday Michele Oldaker and Cody Omta volunteered to come in and help make salsa with the kids.  We had the cilantro team, the onion and pepper team, and the tomato team... the onion team was in tears :( .   And then we all got together for some great team work and made honestly the best salsa I think I've ever had.  It had to have been the one-day old tomatoes fresh from the greenhouse! 

Thank you Ms. Bonnie!!!

Here is our secret recipe... but I cannot guarantee results without the greenhouse tomatoes and some kindergarten love mixed in!  (Oh yeah, and you gotta triple the garlic!)

Sunday, October 6, 2019

First Snow!

Boy were the kids excited about the snow falling this week!!!  It was like Christmas!  In fact, one of the kids said, 'It's snowing!  That means it's almost Christmas!!!"  Snow means the kids need to bring the Big 5 to school every day so they can go out and play!  Hat, mittens or gloves, coat, snow pants, and boots.  Please label with your child's name.

We wrote some fall poetry.  Then we recopied onto fall leaves and watercolored them beautiful colors and put them up on the Poet Tree!

The kids are working hard on their popcorn words!  They are so excited when they recognize one that they can read on the board or in a book!  They each have their own folders and practice with popcorn buddies all week, and see how many they can pass off on Fridays!

Wednesday was our fun trip to Northway for the District Championship Cross Country races!  It was quite chilly, but we had a great time, and Northway put on a yummy BBQ for us.

Here is our team!  The kids improved so much throughout the season, in their stamina and ability to stick with hard things and have sportsmanship.  I was super proud of them!!!

Getting ready for Halloween!!!  We made spooky spiders and silly pumpkins to decorate our room.  In math we figured out how to make 8 equal legs out of four pipe cleaners.  

Have you noticed all of the birds flying overhead?  We have!  So we did a mini unit on birds and their adaptations, including migrating south for the winter.  Sounds like a good idea right about now!!!

The school provides the kids with nutritious snacks every day.  This particular day they got to try dragon fruit, and had quite a lot of fun making a big mess :) . 

Friday we took a field trip across the parking lot to the school's greenhouse!  We got to learn what is growing in there, and bit about the nutrients in the veggies, and what they need to grow.   

We also got to smell some herbs, and use all of our senses to guess what they were! 

Ms. Bonnie Emery generously offered to give us some cilantro and tomatoes, and so this week we are excited to go back to the greenhouse to harvest some food and make fresh salsa in our class!