Sunday, May 3, 2020

We love our Moms!

We LOVE πŸ’– our Moms!  And this week we are getting ready to celebrate Mother's Day, which is Sunday, May 10th.  Inside your packet you will find lots of secret things to make for your Mom to tell her how much you love her!

This is also the season when all kinds of Moms are having babies!  Check out this Mystery Doug video about why baby animals look so cute!

Click here to play video!

***SPOILER ALERT**** Have someone besides your Mom read this next part to you!

Try inviting your mom on a special picnic!  You could put some snacks in a basket or a bag, and find a fun place to eat together.  It could be outside in the yard, or inside in a fun place in your house!  While you are on your picnic, get to know her a little better by asking your mom these questions!

πŸ’œ What was your favorite game to play when you were my age?
πŸ’œWhat pets did you have?
πŸ’œDid you ever get in trouble?
πŸ’œWhen you were my age, what did you want to be when you grew up?
πŸ’œ What was your favorite color when you were my age?
πŸ’œ What was it like when you went to kindergarten? What was your favorite part? What was hard for you?
πŸ’œHow many siblings do you have?  Did you get along with them?
πŸ’œWho was your best friend in elementary school?
πŸ’œWhen you were a kid, what did you imagine it would be like to be a mom?

Have fun doing this Mother's Day puzzle with your Mom! Click here!

Saturday, April 25, 2020

...Bring May Flowers!

April Showers bring May Flowers!  This is the week that we MIGHT start seeing little purple Pasque flowers come up!  See if you can go on a treasure hunt and find the first flowers of the year!!!

Watch what happens as a seed grows in fast motion! 

In your packet for this week there is a bag of seeds and some dirt for you to plant your own seed!  They will grow into beautiful Nasturtium flowers like these!

Do you remember last week when we learned about the water cycle?  A cycle is when something happens over and over.  Like when you ride your biCYCLE the wheels go around and around.  
Watch this video on Brain Pop Jr. and the life CYCLE of a plant, and then you can play the games and take the Easy Quiz!

The username is your first name and tok (ex: debbietok) and the password is kinder1.

Did you know that animals and people eat all kinds of seeds?  Here are some seeds that you might have around your house.  In your packet for the week there are also some mung bean seeds that you can actually sprout in a jar so you can see them growing.  Then you can eat the baby sprouts!  See how many kinds of seeds you can eat!

Now, try making a seed treat for the birds!  Gather a spruce cone outside and roll it in peanut butter (which is made from seeds!) then roll it in sunflower seeds or a bird seed mix.  Then find a branch or someplace to hang it near your window, and hopefully you will see some birds coming over for a snack!  

One more really neat video you can watch is about how plants adapt, or change, to get the things they need to survive.  Watch this!

The username is your first name and tok (ex: debbietok) and the password is kinder1.

Last, but not least, let's play in the dirt, and eat some too!  Not real dirt, of course, but follow this recipe for a deliciously muddy dessert!

Dirt Cup Recipe:

1. Make one package of chocolate pudding according to directions.
2. Twist apart Oreo cookies, and take out the filling.  
3. Put the chocolate cookie parts in a bag and crush them.
3. Spoon some pudding into a cup and top with crushed cookies.
4. You can even plant a peanut "seed" inside the dirt cup, and put some gummy worms on top! 

Friday, April 17, 2020

April Showers...

Spring has sprung!  All of the sudden there is water, water everywhere!  This week we will have fun learning about rain and the water cycle.  Check in your packet for fun things to do at home.  These activities will supplement your packet and the things we are doing on our zoom calls!

Watch the BrainPop Jr. video about the water cycle, and then click on the easy quiz or any of the activity buttons below the video!  Your username is your first name and tok (ex: debbietok) and the Password is kinder1

Watch this video by Bill Nye the Science Guy to learn about how clouds are formed!

Are you ready to make your own mini water cycle?  Using just a cup, some plastic wrap and warm water, you can collect the water vapor as it evaporates, just like a cloud!  If you get enough condensation on the plastic wrap, it will start to "rain" droplets back down into the cup!

Watch this video on one way to make your own water cycle!

If you think it rains a lot in Tok, just imagine what it would be like to live in a real rainforest!  Have you ever been in a rainforest?  If not, come along on this beautiful virtual field trip!  Someday you can go to a rainforest for real!

I hope you had fun learning about rain and rainforests!  Write in your journal about your favorite rainforest animal!

Does it seem like a mud puddle finds you every time you go outside?  Read this book!

Now go outside and jump in some PUDDLES!!!

Thursday, April 9, 2020

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!
Since it's Easter time, I am guessing you have a lot of eggs around your house!  I have some eggs around here, too... but some of mine are alive and growing!  By the end of this week we should have baby ducklings!

These lessons will be all about eggs and birds, to celebrate!

First, listen to this book, Rosie's Walk.  Then answer the quiz!

Rosie's Walk

Now it's time to read on your own!  See if you can read what happens as a chick hatches out and grows up. 

There are SO many EGGsperiments you can do with eggs!  This video is a great compilation of eggsperiments and tips and tricks you can do with eggs!

Click here to watch the video!  Then pick one or two to try at home!

Now it's time for some chicky art!  

Follow this video to learn how to draw a cute little chick hatching out of an egg!

Are you ready for the really fun messy gooey art?  This is super fun, and turns out really cool looking, I promise!  All you need is: 
  • shaving cream
  • A large flat pan
  • food coloring or paint
  • a straight edge to scrape off the shaving cream
  • paper cut out in the shape of an egg.   

Now you are ready to make your own swirly Easter egg! 

You can also do this with real hard boiled eggs!

This is one of my favorite stories about ducklings.  

Ready for some cute ducky videos?

Did you know that a duckling thinks whatever it sees first when it hatches is its mom?  What happens when the duckling sees a cat first? Click here to find out! 

I hope you enjoyed our week of eggs, chicks, and ducklings!  I'll be doing live zooms when OUR baby ducks are hatching... so stay tuned!  But until then, you might be surprised by what a duckling looks like as it is hatching.  Watch this video of a duckling hatching! 

Saturday, April 4, 2020

Pizza Party!!!

Who doesn't love pizza?  Cheese, pepperoni, the Works, or even fruit pizza, are all some of our favorite foods!  Watch this Mystery Doug Video and the BONUS video about the country that invented pizza!    Click here to watch Mystery Doug's video!

With the Covid-19 Pandemic, we are seeing lots of maps of the world on the news and on the internet.   See if you can find Italy on this map, and color it in!  What other countries do you know?  Where would you like to visit? 

Click here for the world map!

Write a journal page about a dream vacation to another country! Where would you go, what would you like to do there, and who would you take with you? What adventures would you have?  Then post on our class Facebook page!

Mystery Doug talked about a volcano in Italy.  Did you know that we have volcanoes in Alaska, too? 
Click on these links to learn more about two of Alaska's most recent volcanic eruptions.  One happened just 3 months ago! 
Aleutian volcano eruption.    Mt. Redoubt Eruption

It is so fun to make a volcano at home and explode it.  All you need is salt, flour, baking soda, and vinegar.  (And food coloring, if you want to make colored lava. ). Watch this video and then make your own volcano!

How to make your own volcano

OK, you have learned a LOT about Italy and pizza and volcanoes this week!  Now it's time for a yummy treat!  Pizza is easy to make.  Just follow this recipe and have a PIZZA PARTY with your family!!!  

Easy Pizza Recipe:

1 tube biscuit dough
2 cups mozzarella cheese
1 cup spaghetti or pizza sauce
Whatever toppings you like! Try olives, pepperoni, chicken, sausage, peppers, onions, anchovies (😳)

Use the biscuit dough to make a pizza just the right size for you. Spread it out thin!  Spread sauce on top, then sprinkle with cheese and top with your favorite toppings.  Cook at 400 degrees F until cheese is nice and bubbly, about 10-15 minutes. 

Here is my favorite dessert pizza recipe:

1 recipe sugar cookie dough
1 cup cream cheese
1/2 cup sugar
1 T vanilla

Spread the sugar cookie dough in a greased 9x13 pan. Bake for 10 minutes.  While it is cooling, mix softened cream cheese, sugar, and vanilla, and spread on cooled cookie crust.  Then top with your favorite fruits!  It's the BEST!!!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Spaced Out!

This is our first attempt at some online learning science activities... this time about the MOON!

Start with this short Nat Geo movie about the first people on the moon! Watch here!

Click here for two stories to read about the moon!

What is in the night sky? Watch this video!

You can make your own craters on the moon.  Click here!

You should also have gotten some Oreos in your packet.  If you haven't eaten them already, you can do this activity!  Click here for directions!

Last but not least, you can write a journal page about going to the moon.

Would you want to go to the moon? Why or why not? If you did go, who and what would you take with you?

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Solar systems, Sledding, and Sneaky little Leprechauns!

March is super busy and fun for kinders... there is a lot to do! 

  • Enjoy the sunshine coming back outside? Check!
  • Finish up our unit on Space? Check!
  • Have a Book Buddies Party? Wait, two of them? Check, check!
  • Set traps for leprechauns? Check!
  • Write thank you notes to donors who gave us new headphones? Check!!!
We had to postpone our Book Buddies sledding party until Friday, but we still had an impromptu St. Patty's day Book Buddies day on Wednesday!  We read stories and learned about the legend of leprechauns and their gold.  We went on a hunt in the fourth grade room for clues to where they had stashed their gold and lucky charms!  

The kids wrote stories about what makes them feel lucky.  They had some awesome ideas, like, "When I go fast in a dogsled race I feel lucky," "When I get to play hockey with my friend I feel lucky," and "When I am with my family I feel lucky."

And on Friday, we set traps for the leprechauns that just might come sneaking about in our room on St. Patrick's Day!  Some weren't so much traps as nice little houses for them to live in. :) 

There just so happens to be a musher in the Iditarod named Quince Mountain.  There just so happens to be thousands of his fans that call themselves #uglydogs.  It just so happens that these #uglydogs decided last year, when his wife was a rookie musher, that it would be pretty neat to donate to rural Alaskan schools in her honor during the Iditarod.  And they are doing the same thing this year in honor of Quince.  Our project on for new headphones and science equipment was funded by #igivearod and #uglydogs last week!  So we spent some time learning about how and why we write thank you notes, and writing letters to the donors that helped us.  We also had fun following Quince and the other mushers on the Iditarod trail! 

When I asked the kids what they wanted to say to the #uglydogs one of them said, "Thank you for caring about us."  I think it is pretty awesome that people from all over the country care about little old us way up here, and just the fact that the kids know that someone cares about them enough to buy them headphones made them feel pretty great and motivated!

Also in writing we started the District's writing assessment.  It is not required in Kindergarten, but I always like to see what my Kinders can do in the Spring. The prompt was, "Where is your favorite place to visit, and why?" We talked about the importance of adding a "because" to your writing to give more information.  The kids had fun brainstorming their ideas...

We are also wrapping up our unit on Space with a creative painting project.  Each student created a mobile of the Solar System that will be coming home next week!  

Friday was warm enough to get in some sledding with our Book Buddies!  We drove to Airport Hill and had a bonfire, hot cocoa, and a great time sledding with our buddies!  Thank you to parents who came to share the fun with us, and helped start the fire, bring wood, serve cocoa, and keep everyone safe!  

*** After the break I will be in touch with you about how to pick up packets of school work for your child, and what we are doing to keep learning going as much as possible during the school closure. As always there are links on the side of our blog to online learning programs that your child is enrolled in and can do at home. School lunches and breakfasts will also be available beginning the middle of next week, so stay tuned for more information!  And give your kids a hug from me! πŸ’•