Saturday, January 19, 2019

Snow, Ice, and Everything Nice!

We spent the week embracing winter.  We studied thermometers and learned about the coldest parts of the earth.  We also enjoyed a snowy Book Buddies party!

In math we learned about how to read a thermometer (all of our counting by 10's practice came in handy!).  We did an experiment to gather snow and take the temperature of snow, our room, and our thumbs.  

We graphed our results and put them in order.  Then we wrote about our conclusions and shared them with each other!

We learned about the coldest place on earth, Antarctica.  We watched a Nat Geo film about it, and played penguins on icebergs to model how difficult it is for penguins to escape predators when the ice is melting.  We created icebergs with saran wrap painting and practiced making ovals and hearts and triangles while creating our cute little penguins!

Book Buddies was all about snow as well!  The kids look forward to seeing their Book Buddies so much.  It is on our calendar every month and they count down the days!  This time, our Book Buddies event was based on the book Snowmen at Night by Caralyn Buehner.  

We made silly looking snowmen out of donuts, and the kids wrote their OWN versions of what snowmen do at night!

Then we went outside with our buddies and painted snow!  Some of the kids even made a garden of snow flowers.  Winter in Tok lasts a loooong time.  So, we decided to make the most of it!  It was a very fun, snowy week!!!

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Back at it again!

Kindergarteners just know how to enjoy life.  Really!  They are so inspiring to be around!  While the rest of the school is complaining about coming back to school, the Kinders are so excited to be with their friends again and play!  It was so nice to come back on Monday morning to a bunch of hugs!

We had a short week, so not a lot of pictures, but we did have a couple of exciting events this week.  First of all, inflation hit kindergarten, so now instead of pennies for bringing back folders and blue slips, the kids earn nickels.  Which they can then exchange for dimes and quarters.  (See how sneaky this is?  They think they are just earning money, but really they are learning coins and making change! ;) . Of course, the raise in wages means a raise in prize card prices too.  Hey, that's life.

So we spent quite a bit of time this week playing with money, getting used to our new coins, and identifying and sorting them.  We even played a blind money ID game... trying to identify the money just by feel!  That might be a fun thing to try at home, too!

The other BIG event was that we earned a class party this week by "blasting off" all the way from Pluto to the Sun.  The class earns a blast-off by doing awesome stuff like working really hard on reading centers, or walking in a great line to lunch.  

We had a cookie pizza and bouncy house in our room!

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Santa's Workshop -- leaked photos

Our photos from this week have been under top security, but here are a few that got leaked out... Santa's workshop was a busy place this week, with lots of making and wrapping going on!  We also had a couple four-legged elves visit us... who could say no to this Christmas puppy!  (I believe there are a few more for sale still...) Kelsea Deeter brought her new Springer in to visit the kids.  Isn't Walter adorable?

Saylor used her Pet Shop card this week and brought in Woody to meet everyone on Monday!  He was SO SUPER excited to be there!  The kids had a ball with him!  Thanks for sharing your pet, Saylor!!!

I also wanted to say "THANK YOU!" to our awesome aides and T.A.'s this year. We are so lucky to have Ande Berg, Kayleann Titus as T.A.'s, and Alexa Peet and Kelsea Deeter as our aides.  This is not an uncommon sight in our classroom....  Here the kids are working on the online part of their reading using Lexia.  When they get stuck, a "red apple" shows up at the bottom of the screen, and we can give them extra support.  The aides are just an invaluable part of our class, and we are all so grateful for their gentle, compassionate, fun, reliable and conscientious work with the kids!!!

We got to participate in the 6th Grade service project this week, Christmas shopping at the library!  The kinders looked through some books that the library was no longer using, and chose the ones they thought their families would like.  It was wonderful to hear how much thought went into  choosing special gifts for their loved ones.  Then the 6th graders helped them wrap their presents.  It was so much fun! Thank you Mrs. Pitka for that wonderful opportunity to help the littles think of GIVING this time of year.  One of my kiddos said, "But I can't go shopping in the library.  I don't have any money!"  So it was just great to give them an opportunity to find something that they could give.  

On Thursday the kids got surprise plane tickets to the North Pole!  We boarded the plane after recess, and then stewardesses (thank you T.A.'s!) passed out candy cane cocoa and popcorn while we watched an in-flight Christmas movie!!! (in the hall 😁!)

We were also very busy this week making and wrapping presents for our families.  I am curious how many of them will make it to Christmas morning, because the kids were SO excited for you to open them!

Two of Santa's moose got loose on Friday, and decided to have breakfast right outside our workshop! So recess was moved to indoors, but still, it was pretty fun to watch the moose from our classroom window!!!

We had a fun Christmas party on Friday!  The other elves were up to mischief and hid the presents I had gotten for the kids.  But luckily they left clues so we could find them... after searching all around the school!  

We opened our books back in the classroom and read Christmas stories, ate yummy treats, played Christmas Bingo and watched a Christmas movie.  Thank you to all who came or brought treats.  It was lots of fun!

Merry Christmas! See you January 7th!!!